Mantus M2 Galvanized Anchor 125lb/57kg


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Galvanised Steel
For use as:
Day Anchor (<30 kn, 70-80 ft)
Cruising Anchor (<50 kn, 60-70 ft)
Storm Anchor (>60 kn, 50-60 ft)
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  • Designed to fit boats with bow sprits and bow pulpits.
  • Formed out of high-quality steel plate and high end precision casting.
  • ASTM certified bolts are oversized with a large margin to ensure safety.
  • Although the bolt used in the assembly is load bearing, only a fraction of the load is transmitted to the bolt.
  • Shank and roll bar are bolted to the fluke.
  • In the carbon steel version every part of the anchor system is hot-dipped galvanised for corrosion protection. (All shanks are HT ASTM 514 Steel and flukes are mild steel A36 equivalent)
  • Nose of the anchor is reinforced to guarantee a lifetime longevity.

Points to consider when deciding which Mantus anchor is best for your use:

  • Both M1 and M2 anchors have an amazing setting and resetting ability.
  • Both M1 and M2 are excellent choices for a primary anchor. But each has its own small specific advantages.
  • Both M1 and M2 anchors roll over well in most bottom conditions and it is rare for a properly weighted anchor to end up upside down.
  • The M1 anchor due to its roll bar is better at rolling over in a really soft silty bottom.
  • The M2 Anchor is less likely to get plugged up with muddy weeds.
  • The M2 is less bulky as it does not have a roll bar.
  • The M2 anchor better fit for boats with bow pulpits with slotted anchor housing and bow sprits.


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Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 34 × 29 × 8 cm


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